Do the photo strips actually print out at the event?

​Yes! Your lab quality photos print out within seconds for your guests to take home.

Will you do outdoor events? 

Yes, as long as an appropriate electrical outlet is available within 100 feet of the photo booth (although 30 feet or less is preferrable), and if weather permits. The safety of your guests is always our top priority

What if we have 4 people in a picture, do we all get a print?

 Yes. You can select the multiple print option and decide in the booth how many copies you will have printed.

Do we get a copies at the end of all of the photos?

Yes, you will have a scrap book done with images as well as a DVD copy of all images.

We want to turn use our Photo Booth as a Guest Book, how do we do that?

Your guests will be able to sign their names or write messages next to their photos in the scrapbook if desired! 

We have a custom wedding logo, can we incorporate that?

Absolutely!  We love designing your photo strips to match your wedding and be completely custom. We print your logo at the bottom of every strip. We can also custom design a “logo” for you, a monogram,  your wedding date, names, “happily ever after starts here”, etc.  We also customize the welcome screen, so as your guests enter the booth, they see a welcome from you that also matches your wedding decor. 

Is the Photo Booth easy to use?

If you can touch our monitors and smile and have fun, then you can use our photo booths! So yes, our photo booths are very easy to use. Upon entering the booth, a welcome screen will instruct your guests to touch the screen to choose their choice: color, black & white or sepia. Once their choice has been made, the automated picture-taking process will begin. Your guests will then see themselves on the screen and will have about 10 seconds to reposition themselves as they see fit. Then, they will see a 3-2-1-countdown before each photo is taken. This process will occur during each of the four pictures taken during each photo session. In about 60 seconds, each person in the picture will receive a printout of their picture. And don’t forget, our on-site attendant(s) is always there to answer any questions you or your guests may have.

Do you accept Credit Cards?

Yes. We accept payments via Visa, MasterCard, and Pay Pal for an additional fee of 3% of the transaction; for this reason, check payments are preferred.